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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q - How do I determine the best club length for my junior player?

    A - When parents come to choosing a set for their juniors the most important aspect is that of the juniors height. Tiger Cub Golf have already predetermined as best possible, the club lengths for the various age groups, but we know juniors can vary quite a bit in height through the growing stages.

    To be as accurate as possible in determining the best length for your junior, we first of all suggest measuring the overall height of your junior. When you have determined the height look at the length tables of your particular age group and use the driver or 3 wood length. The club when sitting in a grounded position should rest above the navel area and below the chest.

  2. Q - How long should my junior set last in a particular age group?

    A - Normally a set will last your junior 2 years based on normal growth patterns.

  3. Q - As we progress along can we buy single clubs to add to the set?

    A - Yes. Tiger Cub Golf provide single woods, irons, hybrids and putters that you can buy at any time. Please visit the website catalog for full details.

  4. Q - Shipping Costs: How can we know the costs we are being charged are reasonable?

    A - Tiger Cub Golf will quote you the best price possible to your destination. We will also provide you with the carton sizing/weights to enable you to make an independant check.

  5. Q - Are we safe to provide our credit card details to TigerCubGolf.com?

    A - Yes. At Tiger Cub Golf we use SSL encryption and credit card information is never stored in our database. Please see Privacy Policy for more details.

  6. Q - Does Tiger Cub Golf provide my personally - identifiable information to third parties?

    A - Tiger Cub Golf does not use your personally - identifiable information for anything other than processing financial transactions associated with your account. Please see Privacy Policy for more details.

  7. Q - How long does it take for Tiger Cub Golf to process my order for shipping?

    A - When credit card details are verified and payment is cleared, Tiger Cub Golf will ship your order via standard ground delivery within 2 working days.